Hi, this is Cyanmaster on FallOutBoy, i will upload more videos. make sure to follow me.
I'm artist user from DeviantArt and Pixilart
Vlare was down back in August 2020, i really hope that Vlare is coming back.
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More about me.
It's nice to see you. but vlare is coming back in 84 days, i just left VidLii back in Jan-Feb 2021, Due to the drama. but i'm not coming back to VidLii again.
But please join my discord server.
Have a nice day guys.

Update 2/23/21: I'm now leaving FallOutBoyVid, because Vlare will return soon.
Do you remember me from Vlare?
Alright, but you guys remember me from Vlare? My username was AnimasterTheStickmanTeenager2005 on Vlare, but i'm not Animaster anymore, but i'm Cyanmaster because i changed new name.
it's nice to see you on FallOutBoyVid but i miss Vlare. i think i remember you if you're my fan from Vlare.
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